Wednesday, April 22, 2009


- Bill collectors can only call you between the hours of 8 a.m and 9 p.m (your time zone)


- Discuss any details of your debt with ANY third party without your permission.

- Call you at your place of employment after they have been told not to do so by ANYONE (this means that even if the janitor tells them that you cannot have personal calls, they HAVE to restrict the number) or if they have reason to believe that calls could hinder your job.

- Call you repeatedly or continuously to harass you if you are not answering the phone.

- Use obscene, profain or abusive language.

- Mail or send anything that is meant to look like legal papers that is not.

- Contact you by postcard, unsolicited fax ot unsolicited email.

- Call any number that will cause you to incur costs or fees without your permission. Examples: cell phones or pagers.

- Misrepresent themselves, conceal their identities or pretend to be an attorney if they are not.

- Misrepresent the balance owed.

- Add fees or penalties not allowed by law in your state.

- Threaten to take actions that they cannot or do not intend to take such as file suit, put you in jail, take your property, expose your debt to others, tell your employer, file criminal charges or harm you in any way.

- Imply that you are committing a crime.

- Ignore or disregard WRITTEN requests to CEASE AND DESIST.

- Ignore or disregard your request to send validation of the debt in WRITING.

- Deposit a post dated check earlier than agreed.

- Continue to collect on the debt before they have provided the validation you requested.

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